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Functional Medicine Center is specialized on natural treatment in chronic disease, optimization of health, wellbeing and fitness. The purpose of functional medicine is to find the root cause of the symptoms that is experienced and then systematically work to regain and optimize function in all of the bodys different systems. We do an extensive evaluation of your health status to identify the root cause of your symptoms. A big part of the health issues that are experienced today are related to poor lifestyle and we put great emphasis on optimizing this area. We then use a variaty of strategies, specific for your situation, to reach the best results in the shortest amount of time.

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Is Functional Medicine Right For Me?

Functional medicine is not only for those who suffer from health problems. Optimizing performance and recovery for athletes of all levels is an area that is also close to our hearts. 

Optimization of mental clarity, energy and joy to be able to live life fully is the end goal of our work. With the right tools and personal responsibility healthy people can reduce the risk of developing disease and move towards a vibrating life and age without limitations.

We work with...

tick related infections

Recurrent infections

Chronic pain conditions

Hormonal issues

Headache & migraine

Skin conditions



Gut & digestion

Autoimmune issues

Weight problems

Joint & muscle pain

Occupational injuries

Exercise coaching

and more ...

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We offer online consultations for athletes of all levels to optimize their diet, performance and recovery. We look at your specific situation and make a program designed to insure that you reach your goals.

We also offer consultations for all people in the area of lifestyle changes. We can help you with your diet and nutrition, information and practical advice regarding the importance of sleep, exercise, environmental toxins, weight issues and so on. These are all things that need to be in place if you want to live a healthy, vibrating and fulfilling life without any limits.

About us

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Henrik specializes in natural treatment in chronic disease and optimization of health, wellbeing and fitness. He is a certified coach in diet and nutrition with extensive training in herbal medicine, true detox, excercise physiology, strenght and conditioning and manual therapy. With a good understanding of psychology and spirituality, Henrik has a true understanding of holistic health and wellbeing with powerful methods to help you regain your health and reach your full potential.

Henrik completed his first course in diet for sports performance as a twelve-year old in 1997 and has through self experimentation, offical education and coaching of clients built a great understanding of what is compromising the bodys ability to self heal and how to remove the blocks of that natural process.

Annika has through training in the holistic medicine field been given the foundation to work with diet and nutrition, herbal medicine and homeopathy. Training in manual muscle testing has provided her powerful tools to work with both internal medicine and problems in the musculoskeletal system. Annika is currently primarily responsible for the communication, social media and economy of

om oss annika

My journey with chronic health problems began somewhere around the age of eight when I suddenly, out of nowhere, experienced extreme air hunger and total panic spread throughout my body. I remember throwing myself on the lawn outside our house struggling to breathe.

What followed were many years of long sleepless nights with severe anxiety and extreme sweating. I started to get tantrums without any real reason and went through episodes of extreme brainfog which made everything thar required focus very difficult. Life since then has been difficult in many ways but has created a deep empathy and understanding for those living with chronic health issues.

I used to compete as a road cyclist throughout my teens, probably because my worst symptoms weren’t immediately felt when I was working hard physically. I did not experience fatigue during this period and was able to train a lot which led to becoming a three times national champion in my age groups. After my career as a youth cyclist, I discovered that drugs could ease many of my symptoms. I had my first experience with MDMA as a seventeen year-old and it opened up a whole new world for me. I got to know how my body felt without the chronic suffering that had followed me for ten years at that time and that had become a natural part of life for me.

As is always the case with drugs you come down again and have to face everyday life. I functioned fairly well for a couple of years with the help of different substances that in the long run created their own set of problems. In the end, the negative effects of the drugs were worse than the suffering I already had and the search for other ways to deal with my problems started. This was the same period I tried LSD for the first time. I understood immediately that something very important happened during the session. I could see the subconscious processes that drove much of my life from a crystal-clear bird’s eye view completely without emotional interference. Partying and drug addiction ended completely and a new chapter opened up in my life.

I moved away from my hometown, stopped eating junk food and started meditating daily. I looked at all the scientific literature on psychedelic drugs that existed up to that point and discovered that the experiences I had were universal and well documented. The LSD sessions became more serious and more powerful when the knowledge I gathered was implemented. Quite soon I had that deepest experience and realized that the work that remained to fully integrate it would need to be done in everyday life. Psychedelics had nothing more to show me at the time.

My physical health worsened dramatically during this period where I developed brutal pain in my head and face in combination with involuntary movements. Extreme fatigue where I could barely manage to move from the couch to the bed in the evening began to show up periodically. I couldn’t even get past the nurse to talk to a doctor when I tried to get help.

“What do you want us to do if you don’t want to eat painkillers” she said really snappy. I tried to tell her that I needed to talk to a doctor to get help to figure out what was wrong with me, with no success. I tried to get help from the health care system on a couple of occasions but had to realize that I had to solve this myself.

I had developed a comprehensive spiritual life by now and found myself sitting in meditation on a hard marble floor in a small town in southern India. Five years of intense constant meditation followed, largely filled with deep anxiety and extreme physical pain. When I was not meditating, I studied different ways to try and recover my health, but nothing helped. I ate a vegan diet during the period when my condition worsened the most and I quickly took back eggs, fish and cheese in my diet which stabilized me and the pains lessened slightly. After five years of meditation and exploration of my inner life I was forced to realize that the anxiety was not caused by psychological processes, it must be something else.

I changed to a strict LCHF diet which reduced both weight and inflammation significantly. I felt good enough to start exercising again and I found a health coach who helped me with my injuries and to get my body in balance. I felt better than I had done for many years. I was able to train at 100% again which I had been unable to do since I was a teenager.

Somewhere around this point problems we worked with earlier began to come back, so we started treating again and it got better. The problem is just that the issues continued to come back. I understood that there was something that we didn’t fully get a grasp on . I had the feeling that I should check if I had Lyme disease and as I would find out, lyme was only a small part of the problem.

When you start looking at Lyme disease, you will soon also start to look at all the co-infections related to it. I have diagnosed several of them and have been able to connect them with the issues I have experienced through my life.

The air hunger from my childhood that had followed me all my life, those night-sweats that would wake me up in the middle of the night drenched in my own sweat, the deep anxiety that eats at you from within, it was babesia! The temper tantrums that began suddenly when I was a child and without prior signs of such behaviour is often caused by bartonella.

It was chronic tick-related infections that made me sick throughout my life. How could I not have thought about that? It was so obvious.

I have studied daily my entire adult life and now I had something new to delve into. Most of my studying have been in holistic medicine to try to heal myself, so at this point the knowledge base was already extensive.
A deep dive into the subject of these antibiotic-resistant tick-related infections along with a deepening of my understanding of immunology, herbal medicine and ways to practically work with this got me on my feet again. That combined with a comprehensive protocol to support detox and to deal with specific symptoms that occurred during treatment.

Mucle testing has played a critical role in being able to zoom in on what needed to be worked on and herbs, homeopathy and supplements has been very helpful. I am not entirely recovered when I write this, but I can live a normal life again. The rest I will heal over time.


Already at an early age I became overweight and consumed far too much soda, sweets, cookies, ice cream and processed products. I was never physically active or engaged in any sports growing up. It wasn’t until the latter part of adolescence that I actually started to excercise a bit. I mainly focused on spinning classes but also visited the gym occasionally. The few times I worked out at the gym it was only with low weights and high repetition training, but usually I just walked on the treadmill in a slow tempo. I later learned that this was not an effective way to train. My weight continued to increase and when the scale finally tipped over 95 kg I decided I had to do something.

I entered a period of extreme dieting and starved myself. I had been told the old myth of how fat makes you fat and stayed away from it as much as possible. I lost around 25 kg in less than a year, then it abruptly stopped, the body refused to lose more weight. I was of course very happy about the weight loss although I was not close to my goal, but the situation with extreme calorie restriction was not sustainable in the long run. I started eating “normal” amounts of food again but it was the same unhealthy food that I previously ate and the weight started to slowly but surely increase again.

I partied a lot and ate junk food several times a week during this period which might not be the best lifestyle for optimum health, but it was fun at the time. The feeling of wanting to move towards health and wellbeing grew and the unhealthy life lost its allure pretty fast, I wanted something more in life. The need to work with the internal processes that influenced me and my life and to move towards a healthier life became more important than anything else.

Through coaching from Henrik I began to learn about how diet and exercise worked and how I could take responsibility for my situation and make a permanent healthy lifestyle change with long-term goals. I started getting into a routine in my everyday life with weight training and learned proper form and basic training programs. Road cycling also became a big part of my life and I had really found an activity that I liked. So much that I even competed in a few races the last couple of years.

I started studying to become an X-ray nurse and had the opportunity to further develop my understanding and knowledge in anatomy, physiology and Science and Research Methodology. It was also during this time that I began to explore my inner life and consciousness.

The human psyche and consciousness was a prioritized area for me during this time and I delved deeper into the subject to explore and try to understand my own behaviors and experiences. I changed direction in my studies and instead I focused on psychology, social psychology and consciousness studies.

During my college years I travelled to India on two 5-month retreats and continued my studies online during the time I was there. I also began to explore natural methods of healing and health and studied traditional chinese medicine, bothany and plant medicine, to name a few.

When I returned to Sweden, I chose to complement my theoretical knowledge of health and healing with more practical and manual methods like, muscle testing and massage therapy. Muscle testing is an incredibly powerful tool and I use it daily, both professionally and in my private life.

I also chose to simultaneously study to become a naturopathic therapist. The education to become a therapist gave me the basis to start working with, among other things, homeopathy, herbal medicine, diet and nutritional therapy and manual methods to restore health. The education really resonated with my way of looking at the body, health and life in a holistic way. Everything is connected.

The experience and knowledge I had gathered in the diet and health field I also used on myself to sort out my own health problems. I had over the years developed hormonal issues, recurrent infections and chronic inflammation in the body. I have tested about everything in regards to diet to get to grips with my health problems and have a lot of experience of how different diets affect the body. Herbal therapy and homeopathy have along with diet changes helped me to heal considerably and I am now on my way to living a life of optimum health.

Basic medicine – 2002
Massage 1 & 2 – 2002-2003 (further education 2016)
Physio training and sports injuries – 2003
Strenght & Conditioning – Material from Paul Chek & Elliot Hulse
Diet and nutrition – 2015-2017 Nordiskt näringscenter
Herbal medicine – Nordiskt näringscenter & Naturterapeutskolan (and material from Stephen Buhner)
Homeopathy – Naturterapeutskolan
Tick related infections & multi-resistant infectious diseases – Material from Stephen Buhner och Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt
Naturterapeut/Holistic therapist – 2015-2016 Naturterapeutskolan
Applied kinesiology 1 & 2 – 2015-2016 Curentur Friskvård
A.R.T.™ I (Autonomic Response Testing ™) – 2020 Klinghardt Institute
A.R.T.™ II (Autonomic Response Testing ™) – 2020 Klinghardt Institute

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